Tony Gannon
Founder & CIO

Tony founded Abbey Capital in 2000. He has overseen the company’s growth over the last two decades and is a recognised global leader in the industry.

Mahrukh Ghouri
Helpdesk Support Engineer

Mahrukh is our dedicated Helpdesk professional, she takes charge of troubleshooting technical issues, ensuring swift resolution and delivering customer support with a professional touch.

Rafael Porto
Risk Analyst

Rafael analyses and reports on risk exposures across Abbey Capital’s enterprise-wide risk management framework with a particular focus on Investment Risk, Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk.

Louise Harris
Chief Compliance Officer

Louise is responsible for all regulatory matters at Abbey Capital and ensures we comply with applicable laws and regulations at every level of our business.

Mick Swift

Mick is responsible for the company's strategic goals and runs the business day-to-day from our headquarters in Dublin, working closely with the Leadership Team.

Shreya Prabhu
Digital Marketing Specialist

Shreya is responsible for marketing operations, social media marketing, SEO and graphic design.

Kevin Donohoe
Head of Research

Kevin has more than a decade of investment experience in managed futures, and is integral to all aspects of our investment management and portfolio construction processes. Kevin is a member of the Investment Committee, Portfolio Allocation Committee, Credit committee and our Senior Business Development Team.

Helen Doody
Head of Abbey Capital US

Helen leads Abbey Capital US LLC, our business development and client servicing subsidiary in North America.

Paul Edmunds
Head of Development

Paul leads our Development Team and is responsible for the curation and delivery of our software roadmap and the operation and management of our systems and data.

Hakan Pehrsson
Vice President, Business Development

Hakan manages new and existing client relationships across North America, educating the US market on managed futures and growing awareness of our funds.