Private Placement Funds

Our private offerings are available to investors who are Qualified Eligible Persons, Sophisticated and Accredited Investors.

Fund Overview

Mutual Funds

Our US multi-manager mutual funds provide US retail investors access to our strategies.

Fund Overview

Customised Solutions

Abbey Capital works with large institutional investors to create customised multi-manager portfolios for specific mandates.

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About Abbey

Why Choose Abbey?

As a specialist in managed futures our focus is exclusively on analysing and selecting managers in the managed futures sector. Since our founding, we have built an experienced team and infrastructure specifically designed to manage multi-manager portfolios in managed futures.

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Why Multi-Manager?

Strength in Multiples

Abbey Capital is a leading provider of multi-manager solutions in the managed futures industry. Multi-manager strategies enable investors to diversify their exposure by having multiple managers in a single portfolio, each with different approaches to trading.

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