Corporate Social Responsibility

Abbey Capital’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) efforts include supporting a wide range of projects and sectors on an on-going basis.

Social Responsibility is important to us, we have long standing relationships with each of our CSR partners and have committed to them for the long term.

Many of our team are personally involved in volunteering with the groups that we support.

Our primary areas of focus and support include:

Long Term Foundation

Set up in 2017, Long Term Foundation (“LTF”) is focused on improving the lives of those living in extreme poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Through partnerships with key players in the development and commercial sector, LTF supports initiatives that seek to improve food security and nutrition, increase access to international markets and create opportunities for small business development.

Small Foundation

Small Foundation’s goal is to create sustainable income generating opportunities for extremely poor people throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation supports highly leveraged interventions that improve the business ecosystem for micro, small and medium rural enterprises.

Cystinosis Ireland

Cystinosis is a rare degenerative disease that primarily affects children and is one of over 5,000 rare or orphan diseases globally. Cystinosis Ireland supports research globally in the areas of rare disease, which tends to be an underfunded sector worldwide.

St. Vincent de Paul (Ozanam House Resource Centre)

Ozanam House is a centre based in a disadvantaged area of inner city Dublin and supports groups of all ages who suffer from social exclusion and poverty.

As with our investment philosophy, we take a long term view with our CSR partners and look to build sustainable change that can improve the lives of the people they work with.