Video: What’s driving markets – March 2020?

3-minute video: background to the drivers and moves in markets in March 2020.

Video: What’s Driving Markets?

February 2020 – What is driving markets in February 2020 including the coronavirus.

What’s Driving Precious Metals in 2019?

Commodity markets have generally been difficult for managed futures in 2019, precious metals have been something of a bright spot.

Gold: What Has Driven Recent Price Declines?

Gold has fallen more than 11% since its 2018 peak in January, with the market seeing a strong downtrend since late April 2018.

Crude Oil: Divergence Between Brent Crude and WTI

West Texas Intermediate (“WTI”) and Brent are the two contract types that dominate futures markets for crude oil.

What’s Going On in Soybean Markets?

The US exported about $28 billion worth of soybeans in 2017 – half of this went to China. Prices of soybean futures contracts have declined steadily from March and are now at 2-year lows. China has placed US soybeans on a list of imports subject to a 25 percent increase in tariffs. This increases tariffs on imported US soybeans in China from around 13% to 38%.